What does “Legal Translation” actually mean?

A legal translation is, in its most fundamental sense, the process of taking a legal text written in one language and producing a legal text written in another language.


Professional legal translators must accurately convey a natural language, such as English, into another language, such as Arabic.


Additionally, it is necessary for them to transpose the legal concepts found in the text. Each legal system developed out of a unique set of traditions, and legal expressions have come to mean something that is very particular to the jurisdiction in which they are used.


The language used in various forms of legal writing is distinct from one another. This is what we refer to as the “genre.” The legal translator needs to be provided with information regarding the purpose of the text that is being translated. Is it for a legal matter, the purpose of documentation, a business transaction, or something similar? These details will be necessary for them to produce a text that is considered to be “appropriate for the purpose.”